What types of Look deals are supported?

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PickyStory supports three types of “Looks” deals that can be used separately or together.

Learn more about PickyStory Shop the Look deals here:

See examples of each below to decide which Look deals would work best in your store.

1. Shop the Look gallery:

Galleries can be displayed on a dedicated page, on your homepage, or wherever else you like. Learn how to create a Shop the Look gallery here.

2. Buy the Look widget:

Commonly used on product pages, the Buy the Look widget displays your look as add-on items for upselling to customers. Learn how to use the Buy the Look widget here.

3. Shop the Look button:

When customers click on the Shop the Look button, they see your look as a pop-up, which they can add to the cart along with the original product. Learn how to add the Shop the Look button here.

When you create a Look in PickyStory, you can use any or all of the three features above, depending on how you wish to display the Look.

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