How to change the app's font family?

The font is configured automatically based on your store's font-family but you can change it manually

How to change Add to Cart button text?

Change the default Add to Cart button text

How to change Quantity text?

Change the default Quantity button text

How to change Out of Stock text?

Change the default Out of Stock text

How to change the bundle colors?

Your brand colors are applied automatically to the bundles but you can control them manually as well

How to customize the bundle buttons?

Adjust the buttons' font and colors

How to change the bundle buttons style?

Control the buttons' style by switching between Rounded and Rectangular (sharp) styles

How to hide the Quantity field?

Control whether customers can add multiple items of the same product by showing or hiding the quantity field

How to hide the product option labels?

Decide whether or not to display the option labels over the drop-down options list.