What types of deals are supported?

You can create a range of product deals in the PickyStory app

Deal types supported in the PickyStory app:

The PickyStory app was built to enable Shopify merchants to upsell with any type of deal without the need to switch between multiple apps.

Tip: To view all PickyStory deal types in action, head to our demo store: try.pickystory.com


Currently, the PickyStory app supports the following deals:


1. Frequently Bought Together (FBT) bundles - Bundle similar or complementary products together to create a one-stop shop for your customers, and increase your average order value.

Popular use cases:

  • Bundle complementary products together (e.g. a laptop and a keyboard).

  • Offer a higher tier product (e.g. buy 55" TV instead of 42").

  • Bundle 3 products to get x% off.

2. Quantity Breaks - Sell product kits with tiered pricing to increase sales volume and revenue. Create multiple tiers and incentivize shoppers to add more products with percentage-based or fixed discounts.

Popular use cases:

  • Buy 3 product A for 10% off, buy 6 for 15% off

  • Buy any 3 products from A, B for 10% off, buy any 6 for 15% off

  • Buy 3 products A, B, C for $50, buy 6 for $85

3. Shop The Look - Sell complete sets instead of just individual products. Create inspiring looks that will encourage your customers to pick the entire set.

Popular use cases:

  • Sell all components of a set (e.g. t-shirt, pants, and a hat)

  • Sell all components of the same theme/style (e.g. sofa, chair, and a rug)

  • Sell all ingredients of a dish (e.g. pasta, cheese, and pepper)

4. Bundle Builders (Build your own bundle) - Bundle Builders let customers create their own custom bundle. They give your customers the option of choosing from a selection of products (curated by you) to create their desired bundle.

Popular use cases:

  • Choose any 3 items from the summer collection
  • Pick any 3 t-shirts (t-shirt collection) and any pair of pants (pants collection)
  • Choose any 3 out of a set of 8 soaps

5. Products as bundles - "Products as bundles" enable you to bundle products as a single product, add to collections and advertise across your marketing channels. Aggregate several products as a pack/gift box and sell them through a dedicated product page as one product.

Popular use cases:

  • Buy A+B+C for $50
  • Buy any pack from the Gifts collection for $99
  • Buy a 3-pack of one product 

6. Automated bundles  - Use PickyStory's AI-based algorithm to offer automated product recommendations on either your product pages or cart page. Automated recommendations can either be displayed on the page, or as a popup. 

7. PickyCart - PickyCart is PickyStory's own, AI-based slide cart. PickyCart displays product recommendations using an advanced AI algorithm that helps to increase your average order value. 



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