What Discount combinations are available with PickyStory?

Learn what types of discount combinations are available when using PickyStory in your store.

Each offer you create with PickyStory has one of the following classes, depending on what the discount applies to:
  • Order discount - SXGY scenario [cart discount]
  • Product discount - Deals, Scenarios, SXGY scenario [free gift]
  • Shipping discount - SXGY scenario [free shipping]


Most used discount combinations:

The following table illustrates examples of possible discount combinations and displays which combinations are supported.

*Shopify or third-party discounts should be combinable as well, you can read about combinations and how to enable it here. 

🟢 Discounts will be combined 
🔴 Discounts will not be combined (only one discount will apply)
⚫ Irrelevant

*You can find the full table at the end of this Article. 

Last update: February 29th, 2024

If you want to achieve the combination of Deal/Scenario+Spend X Get free shipping, please reach out to our support team to enable CartTranform. 

Shopify limitations with CartTransform-
- `checkout.liquid` customizations aren't compatible with bundles.
- [Shopify Scripts] aren't compatible with bundles. If you publish a script, then bundles are moved to a draft status. To sell products in a bundle again, you must unpublish the script.
- Bundles can be sold through only the Online Store sales channel. Bundles can’t be sold through Shopify Point of Sale or with selling plans.
- Some apps and payment gateways aren't compatible with bundles.

PickyStory temporary limitations with CartTransform-

  • The bundle cannot contain more than 4 products.
  • CartTransform will not function properly if more than 2 bundles are added to the cart.

Full discount combination table:

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