How to enable/disable Automated Bundles?

Automated Bundles enable you to sell smart product combinations quickly

Automated Bundles

Automated Bundles enable you to scale your upselling operation by auto-bundling your best-selling products (similarly to Amazon's Recommended Products algorithm). You should consider Automated Bundles in the following scenarios:

1. Need to start upselling fast, no time to create manual bundles.

2. Too many products in-store to manually bundle them together.

3. Let the algorithm do the work for me and recommend the best-selling combinations.

4. Default to automated bundles for product pages where no manual combinations exist.

Enable/Disable Automated Bundles

1. Go to the PickyStory app and navigate to "Automation". There are two options for automated bundles: 

- Product pages (display bundles on product pages or as a popup that appears when the customer adds a product to their cart)

- In cart (display bundles as a popup that appears on the cart page)

Toggle the bundles on/off as desired.


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