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How to create a Build your own bundle page scenario?

Let customers create custom bundles with "Build your own bundle" and show it as a product in your store

This feature is available to customers who installed the app after November 14th, 2023

Steps to create:
1. Go to Scenarios, and click on Create/Edit- 

2. Create a new bundle- 

3. In Products, you can create one section or multiple sections  

4. Add the products-

5. In Details, give the builder a name and add an image and description (the image and description will be updated on Shopify's end as well) 

6. Set the discount and save the new changes-

7. Go to the Design tab to customize the Scenario-

8. Publish the scenario-

The Builder is now live in your store! 🎉


*If you want to add the bundle to a specific collection, add tags or product category-1. Click on Edit on Shopify-
2. Add all the information in Product organization- 


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