How does combo product inventory tracking work?

Learn how Combo Products are being tracked in PickyStory.

When creating a Combo Product in PickyStory, the app automatically creates a product for it in your Shopify catalog.

This will make a Combo Product look like a product, but it’s actually just a “container”, allowing you to add product images, a description, and providing a page where you can display the Combo Product. 

Attached below is a sample screenshot of what a Combo Product container looks like compared to a regular product.

Note: Inventory for these “container” products is not tracked. Instead, the inventory of the individual products added to the Combo (also known as “child products”) is tracked at SKU level.
Inventory is updated automatically for all PickyStory deals on an individual item basis.


For example: 

A Combo Product is created that contains products A, B, and C.
Once a customer purchases the said Combo Product, one unit each of A, B, and C will be removed from its inventory, in the same way as if these products were purchased individually.

Similarly, a Combo Product cannot be added to the cart if one of the components is out of stock.