What is a deal group?

Use PickyStory's deal groups to manage and configure your deals

Under the "Deals" tab in PickyStory, you can see all your existing deal groups, or create a new deal group. 

Deal groups allow you to assign several deals of the same type (e.g. bundles), and display them on the same page subset (e.g. product pages). 

Once you create a new deal group, you can then create the specific deals that belong in that group.

Learn how to create a new deal group here

Note: Using multiple deal types? You can create separate deal groups to manage each one

When you create a new deal group, you can select:

  • Type of deal offered
  • Which specific deals are part of the campaign
  • Where the deals are displayed in your store

Tip: Not sure which type of deal you need? Visit try.pickystory.com to see all deals in action


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