What are discounted bundles?

Use discounted bundles to encourage shoppers to buy and to sell more items

Discounted bundles

Discounts are a useful method to encourage customers to purchase bundles and sell more items. Many merchants use discounts to make the bundle offering more attractive to customers, so it is harder for them to skip the deal, in particular, if the margin stays sufficient.

The PickyStory app supports multiple discounts that can be applied to multiple bundles. You can create a percentage-based discount and attach it to one or more bundles. When applying one discount to more than one bundle, customers will be able to mix between the products of the two bundles and still get the discount.

Popular use cases for discounted bundles

  • End of season sale bundles

  • Push product bundles with attractive discounts

  • Offer discounted complementary products

  • Sell discounted complete sets

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