Static and dynamic discounts for deals

Target price, percentage-based, fixed-amount discount types

For discounts, PickyStory has two modes:

1. Static mode - Target price

2. Dynamic mode - Fixed amount discount / Percentage based discount

Target price

Target price is the final price of the combo and will not change even if the customer selects different variants in the combo.


Note: Please be advised that Target price is still considered as a discount since PickyStory does not directly change the price for your products in Shopify. This means that in order to adjust the final price, PickyStory will use discount codes to update the price in checkout.

Fixed amount and Percentage based discount

Fixed amount and percentage-based discounts are automatically calculated depending on the variants selected and will be deducted from the total price.

For the Fixed amount, the discount is set to a fixed amount. For example, if you set $20 for a fixed amount discount then it will deduct $20 to the combo product price in checkout.

As for Percentage based, it will deduct the percentage you have set at the final price. For example: if you set 20 in the Percentage-based discount, the final price for the combo product will have a 20% discount at checkout.

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