Shopify's settings for Products

How can I setup products on Shopify so that they appear in PickyStory?

To ensure your product is available and visible in PickyStory and its scenarios, it must be set up on the "Online Store" sales channel.

Please note that Shopify Shop is currently not supported.


1. Set Up Your Product on the "Online Store" Sales Channel

  • Navigate to Your Shopify Admin: Go to your Shopify admin panel.
  • Select Products: Click on the "Products" tab from the left-hand menu.
  • Choose the Product: Click on the product you wish to make available.
  • Manage Sales Channels: Scroll down to the "Sales channels and apps" section.
  • Add to Online Store: Ensure that "Online Store" is selected. If not, click "Manage", then check the box for "Online Store" and save your changes.
  • Save: Make sure to click "Save" after making these changes to update the product’s availability.

2. Set Products to "Active" Status

  • Check Product Status: Ensure that the products you want to display in PickyStory are set to "Active" status.
  • How to Change Status: In the product details page, locate the "Status" section at the top-right. Select "Active" to make the product available for sale. If it’s set to "Draft" or "Archived", switch it to "Active" and save your changes.


Note: Products available only on other sales channels, such as Shopify POS, Facebook, or Instagram, will not appear in PickyStory scenarios.