PickyStory analytics: How to track PickyStory’s performance in your store?

Learn how to track your PickyStory sales using the analytics feature

With PickyStory’s analytics, you can track the number and percentage of your store’s sales attributed to PickyStory.

Sales are tracked via the PickyStory API.
The API enables us to calculate how many sales PickyStory is generating for your store by calculating store orders.

To view your store’s analytics, open PickyStory and navigate to the “Analytics” tab


Here, you will see:

1. Your store performance - Track your overall store performance with ease. This section provides an overview of your total store revenue and highlights the portion contributed by PickyStory, giving you clear insights into the impact of our tools on your bottom line.

2. Revenue By Scenario - Understand the detailed breakdown of how PickyStory scenarios are driving your revenue. This section displays the revenue generated by each specific PickyStory scenario, enabling you to identify which strategies are the most effective.

3. Orders with PickyStory - Gain visibility into the orders influenced by PickyStory. This section lists all orders that include revenue attributed to PickyStory, showing both the total order amount and the contribution from PickyStory, helping you measure the direct impact on sales.

4. Interactive Insights -Dive deeper into your analytics with interactive elements. Click on any scenario in the Revenue by Scenario section to see a detailed breakdown of its performance. Similarly, explore individual orders to view the complete order details and identify which items were attributed to PickyStory, allowing for a comprehensive analysis of your sales data.

4. Date Range - This allows you to select the date range to analyze sales data from different periods of time.