Learn about PickyCart and all its features

PickyCart is a slide cart that offers AI-based product recommendations to your customers based on your existing sales history and products that the customer already has in their cart.


Ability to customize orders? (We got you!)

PickyCart also has a feature that allows the shopper to add a note to their order and even enter a discount code. 

Note: Using external discount codes together with your PickyStory bundles is currently not possible in Shopify as Shopify limits the number of discounts at checkout to only one. However, PickyStory has created “coupons” that support the stacking of discounts. Click here to learn more about the coupon feature.




On Shopify, discounts are applied at checkout by design.
But with PickyCart, the discounted value can also be seen without even having to go to the checkout page. This will reassure customers that they are getting the discount as expected, reducing cart abandonment and having a big impact on your store’s conversion rate.


Ability to Redirect to Cart Page or Checkout

You can change where you want to redirect your shoppers after adding a product to the cart to the cart page or the Checkout page, in Settings.


How to enable PickyCart?

Enabling PickyCart is really easy.
All you have to do is navigate to "PickyCart" and then click on "Publish".

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