How to track sales made through my bundles?

Track purchases made through the PickyStory with app analytics

You can track purchases made through the PickyStory app with app analytics. View the number of Add to Carts, Purchases, and Total Purchases Amount.

Follow the steps below to view app analytics:

1. Go to the PickyStory app and click on Analytics:

Here, you will see:

1. Revenue from PickyStory - This shows the revenue the PickyStory app has generated for the store. This also showcases the total number of store orders generated through PickyStory.

2. Total Store Revenue - Showcases the overall revenue of the store including revenue generated from PickyStory.

3. PickyStory Generated - This refers to the percentage of sales generated by PickyStory and is calculated by taking the value of the “Revenue From PickyStory” over the “Total Store Revenue” x 100%.

4. Date Range - This allows you to select the date range to analyze sales data from different periods of time. 

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