How to display 'compare at price' for combo products

Combo products enable you to show your customers exactly what they’re saving with 'compare at price'

With the PickyStory app, there are two ways to set compare at prices:

1. Manual compare at price – you choose the 'compare at price' that is displayed

  • Choose this option when all of your product variants are the same price

2. Auto compare at price – the app calculates the most expensive combination of product variants and displays this price

  • Choose this option when at least one product variant has a different price

To set a manual 'compare at price', select “manual” and type the desired value into the box.


Preview your combo to ensure the 'compare at price' is displaying correctly.


To set an auto compare at price, ensure “auto” is selected instead of "manual". The app will then calculate the 'compare at price' based on the prices of each individual product in the combo.

Note: If you do not wish to display a 'compare at price', choose “manual” and set a 'compare at price' that is lower than the price of the combo itself.

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