How to display a bundle on a product page?

Display frequently bought together bundles, quantity break bundles, or build-your-own bundles on existing product pages

Bundles on product pages

If product X is part of Bundle Y, then Bundle Y will appear on product X's page. Here's how to display existing bundles on product pages.

1. Navigate to "Deals", then select the bundle you wish to display on your product page

2. In the "Location" section, click on "Add location"

3. If you already have a location that is set up for your product pages, toggle it "on". If not, Click on "Add new location"

4. To edit a new (or existing) location, click on the "edit" icon next to the location. To display bundles on your product pages, select "Product pages only"

5. Click on "Customize in Designer"

6. Drag and drop the widget onto the desired section of the product page

7. Save your changes, and when you are happy with the placement, publish the widget to push it live in your store


Tip: Instead of dragging and dropping the widget onto the page, you can use the manual widget insertion method.

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