How to create manual bundles?

Creating a new manual bundle requires only a few clicks

Manual bundles

Manual bundles are great when you have product combinations that you would like to promote together. Manual bundles enable you to add specific products to bundles and attach discounts to them. You can add bundles to any page in your store by creating a new location. By default, manual bundles will be shown on all product pages that are part of the bundle.

Create a manual bundle:

1. Enter the PickyStory app, go to Bundles and click on +Bundle:

2. Name your bundle and add products to it:

3. Add products to the bundle:

4. Select a target price or add a discount:

5. Select the minimum product quantity (the discount will not be applied until this number of products are added):

6. Edit the discount prefix code and messaging:

7. Edit the location of your bundle, position on the page, and preview:

You can manage all bundles display placements under Locations.

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