How to create "frequently bought together" bundles?

Creating a new bundle requires only a few clicks

This feature is available to customers who installed the app before October 6th, 2023

Manual "frequently bought together" bundles (FBT)

FBT bundles are great when you have product combinations that you would like to promote together. FBT bundles enable you to add specific products to bundles and attach discounts to them.

When displayed on product pages, by default, FBT bundles will be shown on all product pages that are part of the bundle.

Create an FBT bundle:

1. Enter the PickyStory app and choose "Create bundle"

2. Select "Frequently Bought Together"

3. Name the bundle and save changes

4. Click on "Add product" to start adding products to the bundle

5. In the "Discount" section, choose the type of discount you wish to use (if any)

6. Then, select the discount value and the Min. product quantity (this is the number of items that must be added to the cart for the discount to apply).

7. In the "Location" section, choose where to display your bundle by clicking on "Add location"

8. Add your bundle to an existing location, or select "Create location" 

9. Give your new location a name, and choose the relevant page type 

10. Once the location is set, return to the previous screen and click on "Customize in Designer"

11. Inside the designer, drag and drop the widget onto the desired section of the page.

12. Click on ‘Save changes’.

13. If you would like the changes to appear in your store, click on ‘Publish.’

Your Deal is now live! 

Tip: You can use the manual widget insertion method.

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