How to create a Bundle as product scenario?

Create bundles sold as products and add them to collections

This feature is available to customers who installed the app after November 14th, 2023

Bundles as products are aggregated into one single product pack. This Shopify product pack is treated as one product in your store (and has its own product page) rather than being an addition to existing products in your store.

Steps to create:
1. Go to Scenarios, and click on create- 

2. Create a new bundle- 

3. GIve the bundle a name and add an image and description (image and description will be updated on the Shopify end as well) 

4. Add the products, set the discount and save the new changes-

4. Go to the Design tab and customize the scenario-

5. Publish the scenario-

The Bundle is now live in your store! 🎉


*If you want to add the bundle to a specific collection, add tags or product category-1. Click on Edit on Shopify-
2. Add all the information in Product organization- 


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