How to create a Shopify Combo Product?

Creating combo products (bundle as product) and add them to collections

Unlike product bundles or kits, which are add-ons made up of separate products that can be purchased individually, Shopify combo products are products that are aggregated into one single product pack. This Shopify product pack is treated as one product in your store (and has its own product page) rather than being an addition to existing products in your store.

How to create Shopify combo products with PickyStory

It takes only a few clicks to create Shopify combo products with PickyStory. Here’s how:

#1 Add PickyStory to your store

Go to PickyStory add click on “Add app”

#2 Create a combo product

Click on Combo Products and then +Combo

#3 Basic details

Set the name and price

#4 Add products to the combo product

Click +Products

#5 Edit the combo product in your Shopify admin

Change the image and description

#6 View the combo product

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