How to create a shop the look gallery?

Create a gallery to display your looks together

Learn more in our Shopify shop the look video:

To add a gallery of looks to your store, you first need to create your looks. Follow the steps here to create your looks.

Once your looks are created, you can set up your gallery following these steps:

1. In the locations tab, add a location for your gallery (NOTE: If displaying your look on a dedicated page in your store, create the page in Shopify first).

2. Name the location (for reference) and select from the list of pages or add a custom URL location. If using a custom URL, paste only the file path, not the entire URL.

Example: If the URL is, the file path is everything after the .com, so you would paste /collections/summer-vibes into the box

3. Select the active looks you wish to display on this gallery page

4. Ensure the gallery widget is enabled

5. Preview your gallery (this takes you to the page you've chosen to show the gallery)

6. Make customizations by following these steps, learn how to re-order the looks in your gallery here, and adjust image aspect ratios here.

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