How to create a shop the look deal?

Learn how to set up a shop the look deal with PickyStory

Check out our shop the look tutorial video here:

Whether you are creating a gallery of looks, using the shop the look widget, or adding the buy the look button, the first step is to create your shop the look deal in the PickyStory app.

Here’s how it’s done:

1. Click on the “Looks” tab and the purple “+Upload” button to upload an image for your first look (if possible, choose an image that displays all of the included products together)

2. Name your look (NOTE: Look names are not displayed to customers by default – if you wish to display look names in your store, you can do this in settings)

3. Add products to your look (NOTE: Products will be displayed in the order you select them here, so choose carefully!)

4. (Optional) Choose a discount to add to your look - learn how to create a discount here

5. That’s it – great job! You can manage where your look is displayed under the "locations" tab - learn more here.

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