How to create a Complete the Bundle scenario?

Creating a Complete the Bundle Scenario

This feature is available to customers who installed the app after October 19th, 2023

Complete the Bundle is great for promoting popular product combinations to increase AOV. You can choose between custom or automated product combinations. You can also mix both.

When displayed on product pages, by default, frequently Complete the Bundle will be shown on all product pages that are part of the bundle.

If automated bundles are enabled, they will be shown on pages where custom bundles couldn't be found.

Steps to create:
1. Go to Scenarios, and click on create-

If you'd like to create a manual bundle follow the next steps (for automated option scroll down)

2. Create a new bundle- 

3. Add the products, set the discount and save the new changes-

4. Go to the Design tab and customize the scenario-

5. Publish the scenario-


Automated Bundles: 
Enable the option of automated bundles and hit publishp-


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