How to create a Buy X Get Y Discount?

Creating a Buy X Get Y Discount requires only a few clicks.

First, you need to create a new bundle deal

1.   Enter the PickyStory app, navigate to Deals and click on "Create Deal Group." Your "Deal Group" will house all of your bundles that are being displayed at the same location.

For example, if you have six different bundles and wish to display them all on your product pages, they can be nested within the same deal group.

2.   Select "Bundle Products." 


3.   Name the Bundle Group (for example, bundles on product pages), and click on "Add Bundle" to add a bundle to the group

4.   Click on "Create Bundle" to create a new Bundle

5.   Name your Bundle, add an optional description, and ensure the Discount switch is in the on/green position if you wish to add a BOGO discount to the Bundle

6.   Choose discount type ‘Buy X Get Y / BOGO’, then set the minimum number of products that the customer needs to buy to get the Y. 

7.   ‘Products’ - First, add the product(s) you want the customer to buy to get the discount. 


8.   ‘Products to get’ - choose the discount type that you would like to apply:
  • Percentage-based discount: Select a percentage-based discount.
  • Fixed-amount discount: Choose a value that is subtracted from the product's final price. 
  • Target price: This represents the final price of the ‘Get one’ product.

Set the Min. Product quantity and Max. Product quantity. 


9.     Add the products you want the customer to get under ‘Products to get.’

10.   Save changes.

11.   Position the widget in your store using the drag&drop tool.


-Buy three cakes-> Get two more cupcakes