How to create a buy the look deal?

Add a buy the look deal to your store in a matter of minutes

Learn more about shop the look in our video:

Creating a buy the look deal allows you to show your customers additional items, and is effective when displayed on a product page. First, you need to create a look.

Once you have your look, follow these steps:

1. Go to the locations tab, scroll down to “Looks”, and click on “+ Location”

2. Give your location a name, and select where you want to display your looks (for example, choose “products” to display the looks on product pages), and ensure the correct active looks are selected (these will be the looks displayed on relevant product pages)

3. Ensure the “buy the look widget” is turned on, and click on “position on page” to view the product page and choose where to display the widget

4. Preview your look

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