How to create a Bundle Builder? (Build your own bundle)

Let customers create custom bundles with "Build your own bundle"

Shopify Bundle Builder:
Allowing customers to create their own product bundle is a great way to increase revenue in your Shopify store. "Build your own bundle" give your customers the option of choosing from a selection of related products (curated by you) in order to create the bundle they find most appealing. Using an upselling app like PickyStory, you can add bundle builder deals and other upselling offers that help you generate more revenue from every store visit. Read on to learn how it all works.


1. Navigate to the PickyStory app and click on "Create bundle"

2. Select "Build Your Own Bundle"

3. In the "General" section, name your bundle

4. In the "Products" section, click on "add product" to start adding products to your bundle. If you're interested in creating a multi-step bundle builder with different sections, follow this guide.

5. In the "Discount" section, select the type of discount you wish to use 

6. Input the discount value, and set discount conditions (the minimum and maximum number of products that must be added to the cart in order for the discount to apply)

7. In the "Locations" section, select "Use in campaign", then click on "Add new location"

8. When your new location is added, click to edit it and re-name the location

9. Select where you want to display your bundle

To display the bundle on your existing product pages, select "Product pages only" 
To display the bundle on a dedicated page in your Shopify store, select "Selected pages" (create the page first in Shopify and ensure it is active) 
To display the bundle on a specific URL, choose "advanced" and enter the file path

10. Click on "Customize in designer"

11. Drag and drop your bundle builder onto the desired section of your page. Click on ‘Save changes’.

12. If you would like the changes to appear in your store, click on ‘Publish.’

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