How to create a Bundle Builder?

Let customers create custom bundles with a bundle builder

Shopify Bundle Builder: Allowing customers to create their own product bundle is a great way to increase revenue in your Shopify store. Custom bundles give your customers the option of choosing from a selection of related products (curated by you) in order to create the bundle they find most appealing. Using an upselling app like PickyStory, you can add bundle builder deals and other upselling offers that help you generate more revenue from every store visit. Read on to learn how it all works.

How to create Shopify bundle builder with PickyStory

#1 Add PickyStory to your store

Go to PickyStory add click on Add app

#2 Name your bundle builder

Give it an internal name

#3 Link the relevant products

Click on +Products

#4 Pick the right location

Scroll down and click edit under the location

#5 Pick the right page type

Choose the page type and select the page

#6 Position the bundle builder on the page

Under the location settings, scroll down and click on Position on page

#7 View your bundle builder

Click on Preview to see your bundle builder

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