How to create a mix and match deal with sections?

Learn how to set up deals with sections.

With PickyStory’s bundle builder deal, you can choose to add “sections” to your bundle builder. For example, customers can choose one shirt from a selection of six shirts, then choose one pair of jeans from a selection of five pairs of jeans. 

Here’s how to set this up:

1. Navigate to "Deals" and click on "Create Deal Group" 

2. Select "Bundle Builder" 

3. Give your Bundle Builder deal group a name (for example, "Bundle builders on product pages") and click on "Add Builder" to add a Bundle Builder to the group

4. Add existing Bundle Builders to your group, or click on "Create Builder" to create a new bundle builder

5. If creating a new Bundle Builder, name your Bundle Builder, add an (optional) description and select (optional) discount parameters

6. Create a section for your bundle builder then add products to each section as desired

7. Scroll down to the Pages section and select where to display your Bundle Builder. Then, click on "Customize in Designer" to position the deal on the section of the page you desire.

8. Drag and drop your Bundle Builder onto the desired page

9. Click on ‘Save changes’.

10. If you would like the changes to appear in your store, click on ‘Publish.’


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