How to make a deal show on a specific page?

Learn how to place a deal on a specific page only.

With PickyStory, deals can be added to specific pages. Here’s how to do it.

1. Select the deal

First, select the deal of your choice that you only wish to showcase on a particular page: 

2. Go to Pages

Once you are inside the deal, scroll down to the ”Pages” section, then select ‘Advanced’ and enter the path URL of the specific page you wish to display the deal on.

Note: Enter the file path after your domain. (For example, if you want to display your deal on the page, enter /collections/flowers in the box).

3. Set widget position on the page.

After setting the position, we then need to set the widget position on your desired page.
Note: When defining widget position, make sure to enter your domain + the path URL (For Example

4. Save

Once done, click on ‘Save Changes’.