How does the PickyStory pricing work?

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You are charged on a monthly basis for the amount of revenue you generated with PickyStory during your last billing cycle. Each pricing tier includes a maximum amount of revenue generated with PickyStory during your billing period.

PickyStory starts free until $500, and you'll be charged based on the amount of revenue based on the plan tiers.

For example, if you generated $90 with PickyStory, it will be free. 
If you generated $550 with PickySotry, you would be charged $49.5 at the end of the billing cycle.

*Revenue generated through PickyStory is based on finalized checkout event. Refunded orders aren’t deducted from this calculation.

PickyStory pricing structure:


Free until $500 and pay-as-you-grow based on the monthly revenue generated through PickyStory. A charge is auto-applied based on the revenue generated according to the plan tiers.


The Premium plan is for brands that generate $5,000+ monthly revenue with PickyStory.
You can
schedule a demo with sales to get custom pricing.


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