How does the PickyStory and WeGlot integration work?

Learn how to translate your PickyStory widgets with WeGlot

Here are the most common selectors you can find based on deal type:

  • Bundle as a product- .picky-combo-container.picky-widget
  • Frequently bought together/Build your own bundle - .picky-bundler-container.picky-widget
  • Shop the look button- .btn.product-form__cart-submit
  • Shop the look showcase- .picky-showcase-container.picky-widget
  • Shop the look gallery- .picky-content.picky-widget
  • Tiered discount- .picky-kit-container.picky-widget
  • Pop-ups- .picky-widget
  • PickyCart- .picky-cart

Here is how you can find the selector manually:

1.  Open the page where the deal is located and right-click to pull up the menu

2.  Click on "Inspect" to pull up the inspect panel on your screen

- You should see the following panel


3.  Make sure you click on the selector and select the area which is not translating by placing your cursor over it (It should highlight)


4. A .class or #ID should appear

5. Go to your Weglot Dashboard > Settings > App Settings and Add the dynamic content (related) .class or #id you want to translate:

If you enter a class, you will need to add a period (.) before the text and a hashtag (#) for an ID

6. Click on "Save Changes". 

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