How do Automated Bundles work?

Automated Bundles pick the best product combinations based on sales history

What are Automated Bundles?

Automated Bundles help merchants sell the best-performing product bundles in their store based on previous sales. The algorithm is similar to Amazon's Recommended Products algorithm and scans previous purchases to determine the best bundling combinations for every product in your Shopify store. Learn how to enable automated bundles here.

PickyStory's app logic for Automated Bundles:

When Automated Bundles are enabled, the following happens:

1. The algorithm picks the best combination of additional products for every product in your store based on historical sales data. This is a dynamic mechanism that is updated on a regular basis accordingly to store sales.

2. If the algorithm can't find recommended product combinations, it will display random product bundles (you can switch this off under Automated Bundles). This usually happens for one or more of the following reasons:

  • New store without historical sales data

  • Few products in store

  • The algorithm can't find a pattern of products that are usually sold together

Who should use Automated Bundles?

  • Merchants that have many products in-store and need automation for bundling

  • Merchants who want to get started fast and save time

  • Merchants that are curious to test new product combinations

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