How to add bundles to my Shopify store?

Start upselling bundles in your Shopify store

How does the PickyStory trial work?

Try PickyStory free for 30 days.

How to install PickyStory on my Shopify store?

Installing PickyStory is easy and takes less than a minute

Does PickyStory work with my Shopify theme?

PickyStory works with any Shopify theme

Does PickyStory require coding skills?

PickyStory is a code free app.

Does PickyStory work on my Shopify plan?

PickyStory works on any Shopify plan

Does PickyStory add code to my theme?

PickyStory keeps your theme files clean

How to access the PickyStory app?

Login to Shopify to access PickyStory