Bundle types supported in the PickyStory app:

The PickyStory app was built to enable Shopify merchants to upsell with any type of bundle without the need to switch between multiple apps. Currently, the PickyStory app supports the following bundles:

1. Product bundles - bundle similar or complementary products together (Frequently Bought Together) to create a one-stop-shop for your customers, and increase the average order value.

Popular use cases:

  • Bundle complementary products together (e.g. a laptop and a keyboard).
  • Offer a higher tier product (e.g. buy 55" TV instead of 42").
  • Bundle 3 products to get x% off.

2. Look bundles - sell complete looks instead of just individual products. Create inspiring looks that will encourage your customers to pick the entire set.

Popular use cases:

  • Sell all components of a set (e.g. t-shirt, pants, and a hat).
  • Sell all components of the same theme/style (e.g. sofa, chair, and a rug).
  • Sell all ingredients of a dish (e.g. pasta, cheese, and pepper).

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