How do manual bundles work?

What are Manual Bundles?

Manual bundles help merchants create custom product bundles and upsell them in-store to increase average order value. Manual bundles enable merchants to offer unique combinations of products to make the shopping experience more attractive and valuable to the customer. Learn more about manual bundle types.

PickyStory's app logic for manual bundles:

By default, manual bundles are displayed on every product page that is a part of a manual bundle. You can filter specific pages from displaying bundles by adding specific URL paths to the Filter Pages option. Manual bundles are always prioritized over Automated Bundles. This means that if Automated and Manual bundles were created for the same product, the manual bundle will be prioritized higher and displayed to the shopper.


Who should use manual bundles?

  • Merchants that just got started
  • Merchants that have few products in-store
  • Merchants who want to control every bundle in their store
  • Merchants that want to promote specific bundling offers