How to create manual bundles?

Creating a new manual bundle requires only few clicks

How to enable/disable automated bundles?

Automated bundles enables you to sell smart product combinations quickly

How do automated bundles work?

Automated bundles pick the best product combinations based on sales history

How to enable/disable all bundles?

Easily enable or disable all bundles

What types of bundles are supported?

You can create product and look bundles in the PickyStory app

How to link products to a manual bundle?

Link your products to new or existing manual bundles

How to enable/disable manual bundles?

Control whether a specific manual bundle is enabled or disabled

How to reorder product images in a manual bundle?

Reorder product images in bundles by linking the products in the desired order

How do manual bundles work?

Manual bundles are great for merchants who know what products they want to bundle

How to limit the number of products shown in automated bundles?

Adjust the maximum number of products in automated bundles

How to hide the page's main product from bundles?

Hide page's main product from bundles

How to auto-redirect users to cart after clicking on Add to Cart?

Auto-redirect users to cart after clicking on Add to cart button

How to enable/disable random products in automated bundles?

Enable/disable showing random products when automated recommendation wasn't found

How do manual and automated bundles work together?

Learn how PickyStory app decides whether to display a manual or automated bundle

How to select a target product for a bundle?

PickyStory app displays a bundle on any product page that is part of the bundle

Can't find a product in the app

If you cant find a product or a product variant in the app, please try the manual sync

How to create Shopify Product Kits

Create Shopify product kits and sell with tiered pricing in large volumes