What are discounted bundles?

Use discounted bundles to encourage shoppers to buy and to sell more items

How to add a discount to manual bundles?

Add discounts to manual bundles and make them more attractive to shoppers

What type of discounts are supported?

PickyStory app supports percentage-based discounts

How to create a new discount?

Create multiple discounts and attach them to bundles

How to enable/disable a discount?

Control which discounts are live by easily enabling/disabling individual discounts

How to set the minimum required products for a discount?

Configure the minimum required products to be added in order to get a discount

How do bundle discounts work?

Discounts allow offering more attractive prices for bundles

How to edit the discount message?

Edit dynamic discount messages with variables

Why are discounts applied to non bundle products in the cart?

Discounts can be applied to products in cart even if they weren't added through a bundle

How to configure different bundles for different bundles?

A discount can be applied to one or multiple bundles