How to edit a bundle's discount message?

Edit dynamic discount messages with variables

Discount messages

Discount messages help you emphasize the attractiveness of a bundle and push shoppers to add it to the cart. There are two message stages for discounts:

  1. Eligible for a discount - the initial stage, shown at the beginning as all bundled products are preselected. The goal of this message is to encourage shoppers to add the bundle to the cart.

  2. Select more products - if a shopper decided to unselect some products and the currently selected number of bundled products is less than the minimum required, the initial discount message will change to push the shopper to reselect the products to get the discount.

Edit discount messages

1. Go to the PickyStory app and click on Discounts:

2. Click on Edit discount:

3. Scroll down to Bundle Prompts and edit the discount messages:

Discount message variables

Variables help you create dynamic discount messages, so discount related numbers within the message will change accordingly to the shopper's interactions with the bundle.

Available variables:

  • $(percents)% - shows the discount percentage according to the percentage configured

  • $(itemsTillDiscount)% - shows the required additional number of products to get a discount


If the required minimum quantity to get a discount is 2 products and a shopper unselects one of the bundled products, the following message will be displayed - 'Add 1 product to get 10% off'.

In this example, '1' represents the '$(itemsTillDiscount)%' variable as this is the required additional number of products to get a discount while '10%' represents '$(percents)%' as this is the percentage configured for the discount.

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